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Claire Abrahams, a Master of Arts graduate from Edinburgh University, is a sketch artist specialising in portraiture.  She works with a variety of mediums   


Claire sketches from her 'cottage' studio close to the coast in the Purbeck Valley of Dorset.  She shares her home with her 9 year old son Gilbert, a beautiful Blue-Point Burmese cat called Matilda, her Goldendoodle Nutmeg, and 3 very hardy fish  


Art & Creativity is in my family blood.  My grandmother was an actress and artist and my grandfather was a keen art collector, so growing up, my parents house was filled with a mix of granny's pieces & some inherited works from renowned artists.  I have lovely memories of sitting for a portrait sketch by my Uncle Hank, a sketch that I cherish even today 

My aim is to help create heirloom pieces for you that will be treasured and passed down your family for generations


Claire's signature style is to create modern vintage pieces that will hold the test of time 


I've always been a big fan of 'English Cottage' Interiors.  I really want to create pieces that will look fab against the latest trends of bold painted walls or walls adorned with some of the loveliest botanical & nostalgic wallpapers


Framed family photographs are great and all, but if you're trying to create an eclectic 'art wall' with a mix of old and new, I find vintage prints, floral 'still-lifes' and landscapes look great; and of course, portraits. 


Portrait paintings are always the first to 'go' at flea markets.  Why hang a stranger on your wall when you can have a portrait of your loved one instead?   

Rattle & Tail began when Claire started to sketch portraits of children & pets as gifts for family & friends 

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